How to find your perfect shade of red

A little post about my favorite red lipsticks and a little history drop to brighten your day

☀Thanks for checking my post out! A big thanks to everyone for sticking around ☀

Did you know up until the 80s, rocking a red lip or nail polish was regularly a covert way to signal if a woman worked as a sex worker?! This affiliation came about in post-war Britain, around 1950, when it was illegal to openly advertise prostitution. I once worked in a hospital, that for a while, banned nurses from wearing red lipstick, as it was deemed ‘unprofessional’!  The affiliation still exists in a lot of the older generation, but thankfully the rise in Vogue fashions and feminism squashed the idea💪💋

Finding the perfect red shade is often daunting, I know it took me ages to figure out what red I should and could rock! There is a heap of different ways to see which works including some old ‘wive’s tales classics’ like if you find silver matches you better, you’re more cool toned, but if you find you flaunt better in gold ,then you would be considered a ‘warm undertone’, but if you can rock both, then neutral is your thing.

There is no exact science, and the reality is, you can wear whatever the damn hell you please, and if you feel you rock a certain toned red even though it ‘isn’t for your skin tone’, then heck, we have to go back to the drawing board! These ideas and basis on skintone, type, and aptitude are really just guidelines to help find the best base color for you to work off (you may notice, I have some from every undertone setting!) Red lipsticks can come from warm, neutral and cool based usually orange, purple, and blue based and not all red-bases are created equally. I found this nifty flow chart from Illasmasque (a fantastic London based makeup academy hosted by THE Alex Box) on how to determine your perfect red for every skin tone:


There is a lot to consider when picking a perfect red for your pout; I personally have a bit from all categories as I love to mix it up! I figured to celebrate my right to wear Red Lipstick, and to give some assistance when choosing, I thought I would share my personal favorites that I wish I could wear more often! 💋❤💋

These are my favorite red lip products! Check out the review below from L-R

(Don’t want to have to read the whole mini-review? Check the swatches below x )

💄 Stila Cosmetics Stay-All-Day in ‘Beso’ is such a gorgeous blue-red there are no words! Oh when it says ‘stay all day’ it means it! This will last all day with awesome staying power, I find it does feather at the center of your lips a little after a long day of sipping martinis, but it does stay longer than all other staying powers! It does dry down quite a bit and can exaggerate texture if you have super dry lips, so I would advise some heavy moisturizer before hand! You can grab this from Mecca Maxima for about $35AUD
Perfect for: a special event or long night out where you don’t want to reapply

💄 Essence Cosmetics XXXL Longlasting Velvet Matte in ‘Hot Brownie’ – this is a stunning warm, vampy red that smells like cake and lasts hours, a real steal as a drug store product! For $6AUD a lipstick, you can’t go wrong! Essence are a European brand that are vegan so it is a double win! This is a matte drying lipstick too, but it doesn’t seem to cake as much and is quite velvety. It does require a little layering as it can be quite thin (as seen in the swatch picture), and doesn’t last as long as Stila’s ‘Stay All Day’ but for a drug store liquid matte, it is awesome for value, pigment, and finish.
Perfect for: a soft matte finish that can be reapplied without caking like a date night

💄 AOA Studio Wonder Metal ‘Naughty’ is a stunningly warm blue-red with glitter in it! It dries matte, lasts forever and HAS GLITTER IN IT! 💫😍 I purchased this from Miss Shop A for $1USD and I am in love! It is so gorgeous it is one of my new favorites and reminds me of Christmas in a tube! This warm red, glitter speckled liquid lipstick is simply stunning! It does dry matte and can be very sticky during the drying process – after a long time I did find it exaggerated dry lines but this would also be due to the high alcohol content of the lipstick. It really does stay a long time with slight feathering at lip parts, incredible value for $1!
Perfect for: a night out where glitter is totally called for and you’re sipping martinis through a straw

💄 NYX Cosmetics Australia Butter Gloss ‘Red Velvet’ is one of my favorite lip glosses! A little on the dark side, vampy, and glossy enough to turn heads but you won’t get hair stuck in it = 10/10! It’s texture is thick and has as staying power far greater than your average joy thinned lip gloss. I have this same formula in a few shades, and while I personally am not usually a fan of lip glosses, this one wins at not being sticky, being highly pigmented and easy to reapply. NYX is known as a cruelty free brand but cannot carry a vegan label due to factor specific, but they are totally endorsed by PETA as being ‘basically vegan’. You can pick it up from Priceline for about $6
Perfect for: easily rocked for a casual day out or just to feel fabulous!

💄 Designer Brands LipGloss ‘Crimson Red’ – a brilliantly bright orange hued red that is vegan, and offers so much shiny gloss it is amazing! It does require frequent top ups as it applies thin and is not as pigmented as the NYX gloss. However, I find the more layers you use, the thicker the consistency gets, making it uncomfortable in some parts of the lip and causing the lipgloss to move. I feel this may be best as a topper or if you want to add some glossy shine to your pout with a tint of color this is perfect! While not my favorite, it is great for a more subtle red sheen and costs about $12AUD from most leading chemists  😍

Swatches for days! 

You can check out my review above the swatches to see how it wears and how best to wear it! So, in summary, that is my mini run down on my most recommended red lip colors! Spot any favorites? What is your go-to red ?! 💋

Until next time
– A x


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